Content of the Minor

Join this Minor if you want to see, in practice, what the impact of data can be for a company or government and learn how it can support, change or even disrupt business models.

Imagine any company, not so many years ago. This company generated its own data and reports, based on its single and trusted source and examining the past. Yet the world this company lived in geared up, moved on, moved up. Everything is generating data, from phone calls to smart devices, from blogs to video feeds. The world now is a complex challenge, where data is available, abundant and everywhere, and internal company data is but part of the new truth. 

Can these datasets be unlocked, combined and used for potential business benefit? Learn them to make many small decisions fast instead of large decisions at snail pace.

A changing of mindset and context: that is what we are going to discover together.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

So how does this minor thing work?


In our “Data Driven Business Lab” you will be working with professionals in the field of Big Data and business partner coaches on real world assignments.  An ample set of assignments and more; work in a group, yet create your own personal profile that will guide you to the finish.

Are you ready for it? Bend your brain on excellent topics and focus on the tools that you want to explore, be it fundamental research, theoretic, ethics, SAP (ERP, HANA Studio), R, Python, IBCS, Qlik and many others. Match business needs, with any mix of topics and any team..

Will you join? Smile and swim the data lakes with us!