Content of the programme


In 20 weeks we will research, consume and create digital media with the goal to add a meaningful contribution to the digital society. To do so, we explore different aspects of a design challenge and offer weekly lessons and workshops on relevant topics. As part of the Intercultural Communications subject, we are taking a mandatory trip abroad. Also, students can propose lessons about other topics and, practicalities permitting, these lessons will be implemented during the semester.

During the semester you will build a digital portfolio in which you document your personal process and contribution towards the group work as well as the assignments of the subjects. For each subject the teacher is available for suggestions on which works to include in the portfolio. The portfolio can take the shape of a blog, website, app, ebook or similar and can contain videos, photos, sketches, stories, prototypes, etc. The portfolio also contains a short reflection for each iteration, on your work and learnings. You will conclude the minor with an assessment to acquire the 30 ECTS.

Digital Experience Design