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Our program

How it works?

First five weeks you detox! The idea is that you detox from the traditional way of education and learning and adjust to a Fontys Pulsed learning style which is challenge-based, student-centered and has design-based working in it's core. You get to know emerging technologies and creative tools, work groups and individually, and take the first steps to figure out what you want to get out of this minor and how we can uncover your true identity and personal purpose together.

Detox days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The next 15 weeks you get to work! With the whole minor group, you start working on a longer Pulsed for Good challenge that includes mini-challenges and active group work. During these weeks and challenges, you have the opportunity to decide what kind of role you prefer to take and what you would like to learn during the process. You also choose a unique track to further work on your personal purpose or developing your entrepreneurial skills or business.

Each week you have three working days in the Pulsed room, The days are divided to challenge days (Wednesday, Thursday) and track day (Tuesday).

How do we educate you?

We believe the learning process is more important than the outcome, so we spend time working on meaningful real-life challenges instead of passively teaching from textbooks and measuring your learning process with exams.

Come and experience our unique approach to education!

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