My story of EmbraceTEC

I didn’t know anyone of the students at the minor Embrace Technology, Entrepreneurship and Creativity. As a group we were a mix of students and of different backgrounds and majors. We had one thing in common though: we didn’t have a clue of the impact of technology, but we were pretty serious about getting to know everything about all kinds of technology. We were certain that some technologies would have a large impact on our future job, on our lifelong learning career. Also there was a super informal and open culture within the group, willing to discuss their personal challenges and talents they want to accelerate. And: It was great to finally be coached for not only my talents, but also meet the dragon deep inside of me… Yes, my own dragon.

Recognizing technologies and the relevant solutions they can provide

The first three weeks; everything was new. We were not embracing technology; technology was embracing us! We were on a trip: Makey, Makey, programming, 3D printing, and virtual reality. I was given the opportunity to learn it all, and not in a superficial way. I learned the basics, still remember new words such as: newbees, bioprinting, javascript, and rendering. And I met some interesting and inspiring people to who I talked about the positive influence of technology on people and the environment. I also learned a lot about inventions in other sectors, and what they can mean for the sector I will be working in. It was so cool to see that technology can be used to solve all kind of social and ecological issues.

Collaborating with students from different majors