• Recognizing technologies (3 weeks): Technological journey. Makey, makey, programming, 3D printing, virtual reality. You’ll have the opportunity to learn the basics and meet some interesting and inspiring people.
  • Blue banana (1 week): A week filled with blue bananas! Your mind will be filled with disruptive thoughts. Do it yourself versus do it together.
  • Meaningful challenge (3 weeks): By using the steps of Design Thinking you’ll adopt and transform one of the global challenges into a community ready solution.
  • Offline week (1 week)
  • Future solution realisation (12 weeks): You are going to design for impact! Together with a fellow student you’ll will develop a product. After pitching your idea, you’ll receive valuable feedback from a jury of external experts. Your team creates their own deliverables: design strategy, what is a realistic end product, and is it ‘community ready’? Main goal is to come up with a blueprint, a prototype that will be a solution to a global challenge.

Recognizing technologies

Blue banana

Meaningful challenge

Offline week

Future solution