Preparation period

During the preparation period you have to make a few different written assessments, which will be handed in from commissions or expert groups (see exam criteria). The assessments will be realised from the extensive theory and practical that you will receive throughout the classes.

Furthermore, there will be a few activities organized together with Stichting Global Exploration. These activities can be internal (Inside Fontys UoAS School of Sport Studies) or external (at the foundation or 15 other participating high schools). Examples of these activities are organizing training days, information classes or an exchange program. This minor includes one major theory exam, which is about Global Awareness.

Final product

The final goal is to realize and complete an international project in South Africa. This international project will take place towards the end of the 2nd school period (before the Christmas break). The exact travelling dates will be decided on later.

Public support, reflection and evaluation

Public support, reflection and evaluation are a big part of this minor:

  • After having completed the international project, you will work toward getting public support by sharing your story with different high schools. Besides that, you will also inform the students and teachers from Fontys UoAS School of Sport Studies about your trip and this way promote the minor
  • You will hand in an individual reflection report/presentation in which you evaluate the project and the part you took in it. Also you will evaluate on your personal progression throughout the minor and how you functioned and progressed inside your project group.

In order to complete the minor, a pass is needed for all of the above named assessments.

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