Vocal Leadership

Vocal Leadership continues!

Some responses from participants from the first course (spring 2016):

‘It was great! Thanks everybody!’
‘I must say I hesitated a little before joining the course but I enjoyed it so much! Not only the teachers were great but also the group itself. Thank you and see you in march, I’m looking forward to it!’
‘It was a pleasure!’
‘I really enjoyed the weekend, very refreshing and educational!’

Foto: Frank Hermann Foto: Frank Hermann

The Intelligent Choir

The Intelligent Choir is a concept invented by Jim Daus Hjernøe, choir professor at The Royal Academy of Music in Denmark. The Intelligent Choir refers to his philosophy of educating conductors of vocal music to allow and inspire ensemble singers to be co-responsible in the musical process. The basic principle of his ideology is to prepare singers to shape the intended music in the most efficient way. The Intelligent Choir is the opposite of an un-reflected choir that receives all information about the music from their conductor. And the goal is to create a group of singers that are able to inform the musical process.

The Organic Choir

Peder Karlsson, founding member of the Real Group from Sweden, developed the concept of The Organic Choir together with Merel Martens from Holland. The methodology is based on rotated leadership and fun. This way, the choir members have an active role in determining the identity of the choir and they can express their vision. When working with The Organic Choir, it’s important to have fun and to move – the most important reason for making music.

Vocal Leadership 2-year Course

From January 2017, we will present the Vocal Leadership Course. This is a 2-year parttime, certificate based course on a master level. To be accepted an admission test is aquired. It’s not necesarry to have a conservatory bachelor degree if you can demonstrate the same kind of quality during the test. The course is based on 12 intense weekends (3 per semester) and will include practicle, hands-on tools and classes like choir leading from different, international teachers, move & groove, piano, eartraining and singing. Through a digital video connection, a number of classes will be simultaneously conducted in Tilburg and Denmark, giving the vocal leadership specialization a contemporary and international quality. For more information, please send us an email

Inspiration Day

Want to get inspired and learn more about this programme? Come to the Inspiration Day!
On Saturday January 14, 2017 Fontys is hosting an Inspiration Day. During this day, Jesper Holm (DK) and Merel Martens (NL) will provide classes from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs.

During this Inspiration Day, we will introduce to you the methodology of The Intelligent Choir and The Organic Choir. We will also tell you all about education possibilities in the future.

The price for attending the Inspiration Day is € 99,--. That’s excluding lunch, including coffee and tea. The target group for this day consists of conductors, music teachers, conservatory students and choir singers. A professional background is not required, we are expecting some experience in choir singing.

Inspiration Days info:
Saturday January 14, 2017, Fontys (Zwijsenplein 1, Tilburg) , 10:00-17:00 hrs.
Price: € 99,--

Students: € 25,--
Target group: conductors, music teachers, conservatory students and choir singers.

Inspiration Course

Are you interested in the methodology of The Intelligent Choir and The Organic Choir, and do you want to have more input to develop your skills, get individual feedback and get inspired? Then you should apply for the Inspiration Course which will take place on the following dates:


6-8 October (Codarts)

10-12 November (Codarts)

1-3 December (Fontys) Jim


2-4 February (Codarts)

13-15 April (Codarts)

25-27 May (Fontys) Jim

Read more about the Inspiration Course Programme

Vocal Leadership Master Programme

You can also apply for a fulltime Master Vocal Leadership.

Read more about the Master Programme