Smart wrist

Design, build and program an SMART wrist to compete at the 6th Delta Automation Contest

Starting point

From scratch (idea by Willem van de Groep)

Main added Value for the client: Get the company Delta Electronics known by our students and future investments in their product range.

Fontys Minor Coordinator 1

Harold Benten, Wim Broekman and Pablo Negrete

Connected bachelors

Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechatronics

The Smart wrist is an alternative Joint mechanism capable of rotating high loads with high precision.​

In a collaboration with Delta Electronics,  the Fontys smart wrist team will join the 6th Delta advanced automation contest in China.​

The 6th Delta advanced automation contest looks to:

  • Increase the brand awareness by increasing the interaction between students, schools and the company to cultivate talent.​
  • Build enthusiasm for automation and team spirit in students while also learning the latest automation trends.​
Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

The Smart wrist positioning functions by the principle of using two cylindrical wedges, which rotate around their center axis, to regulate the inclination of the upper surface. ​For the control and programming of the system, it uses a real time control of the servo motors which are connected to a PC based motion controller, the Delta AX864E. ​Robot Operating System (ROS) is used for the high-level control which has to control all the motion path of the robot.​ While CODESYS, which is a program to develop control systems is in charge of all the low-level controls, whose tasks are to regulate the motors and keep them rotating until a target position is reached. ​

The applications could be any situation where precise positioning or fast movement is needed.​

  • Patient table at hospitals​
  • Milling machine bed​
  • Balancing tables​
  • End actuator for a robot arm.​

The Fontys Team consist of 3 teams of different disciplines with a tutor and a teacher expert per team.​ Delta Electronics is working together with Fontys, by sending 2 experts to work alongside the team and by funding the project.​

Out of the 75 teams going to the finals, the Fontys Smart wrist team will be the first team from outside of southeast Asia to participate in the Contest.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys
​Period of time

February till july 2019

Student group

WP1 Mechatronics: Juul Wolters (student PL); Mahmoud Omar Ouali (student SE); Aike van Alkemade; Saleh El Hajj Hassan; Zhicheng Yu; Levi van Mulken; Kris Piters (specialist); Albert Aslan (tutor)
WP2 Mechanical Engineering: Jim Sep (student PL); Markos Rikos (student SE); Armando Guerrero Monsalve; Kars Landman; Ruben Hoogenraad; Rens van Veggel; Joris Glaser (teacher specialist); Remco Hutten (tutor)
WP3 Electrical Engineering: Frank van Veen (student PL); Jesus Negrete Martin del Campo (student SE); Wesley van der Linden; Jeroen Houben; Carlos Agorreta Zafra; Ralph Goes (tutor); Rob Ritzen (teacher specialist)

Minor Adaptive Robotics

Minor Be Creative

Minor Engineering

Fontys tutor

Ralph Goes

Remco Hutten


Delta Electronics Kevin Lu, Ufuk Ozer, Jack Tsai