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  • Internationale uitwisseling

    Internationale uitwisseling

    Internationale partnerschappen voor studenten, docenten, expertise

    Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy heeft internationale partnerschappen met universiteiten en hogescholen voor uitwisseling van studenten, docenten en expertise. Dankzij deze partnerschappen jij als student onder andere een half jaar van de studie in het buitenland doen, via de zogeheten buitenlandminor. Dit, zonder extra collegeldverplichtingen. Daarnaast doceert een aantal Fontys ACE-docenten jaarlijks in het buitenland en ontvangt Fontys ACE in Nederland, buitenlandse gastdocenten.

    Lijst met partners

    De lijst met partners vind je op onze Engelstalige website fontys.edu/ace

    Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy is lid van Cumulus. Dit internationale netwerk richt zich op educatie en onderzoek in de sectoren art, design en media.

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    Naar Cumulus
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  • Fontys ACE hotspots

    A hotspot is a planned effort to build a hub of international and local citizens, educators, students, representatives from the industry as well as the public sector who are strategically engaged in a set of activities. An essential criteria of all activities is to add value to a student’s education and career path on a long term. Seoul and Cape town provide an excellent infrastructure for learning and stimulating challenges for students.


    For the city Seoul,  innovation, technology, health and start-ups are core topics in which link very well with Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy (Fontys ACE).

    Fontys ACE is cooperating with three Higher education institutes (Dongguk University, Konkuk University and Sookmyung Women’s University). An example of a cooperation with a university is the living Lab on the topic “Smart Ageing” together with Windesheim university of applied science, Nuffic NESO and Konkuk University.

    Cape Town

    For the city Cape Town, the focus is especially on (social) design. As the UNESCO design capital city of Africa, this city fits very good with the design/concepting aspects of Fontys ACE. We are working in living labs, where Fontys ACE students together with Cape Town students, companies and government contribute to solutions around social issues by using their design thinking skills. At this moment we are working on the topic, Better living in the Townships of Cape Town, Sustainable Transport and Entrepreneurship.

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