Why choose this minor?

Changing view on health

The view on health is changing and asks different knowledge and skills of (healthcare)professionals. Less and less it is about treating illnesses (we almost can’t handle the increasing healthcare costs), and more and more it is about changing behaviour to improve the quality of life and prevent illnesses.

Changing view on role of professionals

Professionals in healthcare, and also professionals who deal with human resources, are looking more closely to (behavioural) processes that play part in the choices people have to make regarding their health.

Questions that play part are for example:

  • How can people best learn to cope with a disease?
  • How can people themselves ensure that a disease or condition is prevented as much as possible?
  • How does the environment (family, employer, neighbourhood, supermarket) play a role in maintaining (un)healthy behaviour?
  • How can you as a professional coach someone towards a better lifestyle?
  • How to develop an innovative intervention to promote health for a target group?

Can't wait to get started with these kinds of issues? Then the minor Exploring Health Behaviour is for you!

More reasons to follow this minor:

  • We offer you a learning environment in which student, teachers, professionals an clients/patients work together on current issues on an equal basis. What you do matters: the projects you work on will contribute to better care in the region.
  • We train you in starting and reporting practice-oriented research, you will be well prepared for your graduation research in year 4.
  • It is optional to take this minor in an international class (you are allowed to take your tests in Dutch). Please note: this is only possible if you start in September!