Peyman Soleimani

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

"I seek to find the answer to “who am I “at the beginning of everything, in the point that the vertical axis meets the horizontal one."

Peyman Soleimani is an Iranian student of architecture who pursues his dream of becoming an architect since 2010 and by living and studying in three cities of Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia ) Tehran (Iran) and Tilburg (Netherlands). Hopefully, by the end of summer 2020, he could accomplish his goal and become an architect.

During the last 10 years, he tried to know himself more while enriching self-awareness towards his purposes in life. The most important question that he has sought to find out is “ Who am I? “ he tried to understand the answer to this question with the help of architecture, the medium that he finds most interesting.

During the last years of his study Master Architecture and Urbanism of Fontys, Tilburg, he faces some turning points which helped him build up an answer to his main question. Some of these actions and accomplishments are: publishing an article about one of his studio projects with the name of “resurrection of the light” ’ participating in in the “Darling international workshop in South-Africa” and becoming the member of Central participation center (CPC) of the Fontys University of Applied Science as the representative of International student fro the region of Tilburg since 2018.

According to his professional belief, classical architecture is the best form that humankind could express himself with. Parthenon is still one of the most important accomplishments of human civilization. He thinks that we need to come back to the origins and rethink most of the notions that have been revised during the 20th century in architecture.

"Architecture is not a solution to the existing problem but it is a way of living and as long as the one who wants to become an architect can not understand this; a house can not become a home with artistic qualities."