Miriam Osoro Garcia

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

The first time I came to the Netherlands I was studying the Bachelor in the RCSMM (Madrid, Spain) and I had the opportunity to play with the NJO in the 2014 Wintertour. Since that awesome experience I felt in love with the country and the people who lives there. When I finished my degree, my goals were so clear, come to the Netherlands to live and keep learning!  

I met Chris Duindam who guide, teach and support me since then. Fontys always adapted to my situation and wishes, so I will be always grateful for these two years.  

Thanks for this, I improved my playing (as a performer and as a string quartet player) and my teaching skills as well.

I have participated in a lot of projects, met a lot of musicians and enjoyed the music life! Now I feel ready to continue my professional life.