Academy of Circus and Performance Art

Victor & Marius

Victor Goyette, student Chinese pole has an interesting combination of dynamic movements in a flowy way. He combines contemporary movements and floor work with the Chinese pole. Strength and flexibility come along in his performance

Marius Cavin, student diabolo is a passionate artist and devoted to his work. He combines floor acrobatic skills with the diabolo. He has the ability to connect quick with the audience because of his joyful temperament and his warm hart. For Marius humor is a tool for connecting and bringing a message.

Victor and Marius met at the audition of ACAPA, and they clicked immediately!

For four years they are working together. Even though the individual results on stage are completely different, they share similar artistic vision and have a similar approach for creating. Both are devoted to their work and have their own association. They fit together in friendship, work and future plans.

They are both fascinated by the way of thinking about gender. They cannot place themselves within the different genders and the society stigmas linked to each of them. The societal environment in which they are living tend to frame the genders putting them in different categories and assigning them qualities and defaults. These ideas are spread through the social media, books, the traditions and the archetypes. These are clear “images” how a man or a woman has to be. This primitive vision of the gender pushes towards the loss of self-identity and widens the social differences.

This fascination led them to start their first duo project You(man) In this performance they bring the perspective of two men: what does it mean being a man, who am I placing myself in this gender and in the stereotypical frame? What means sensitivity within the masculinity and virility? With their performance they will take the opportunity to change codes, change the way of thinking about gender and change the preconceived ideas regarding men.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

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