Nomination text Leonarda

Leonarda has a strong, clear and inspiring mind. She is a creative, powerful and strong dancer who is able to combine and fuse different styles and translate her own ideas into movement.

With her dance talent, sharp intellect, generosity and professional mind-set she developed on multiple levels in the last year.

Leonarda can easily go to the meta-position and oversee large chunks of knowledge, different fields of practice and key principles related to these fields. She is able to see the interconnectedness between all these different components. She is a great independent learner who knows how to identify her needs and respond to them.

Leonarda is very involved and supportive to the dance community in her home country, where she aims to pass on her knowledge to the new generation.

Leonarda embodies the dancer of these present times in who she is, what she does, how she does it and what she stands for. We are convinced that she will strive as an artist and make a strong, positive impact in the field.

We are very proud to nominate Leonarda for the JDL prize of 2022.