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FHK Juryrapport Eveline Vervliet

Juryrapport Eveline Vervliet
Jacques de Leeuw Prijs 2021
category Performing & Design

This smart and intelligent composer, performer, sound designer and media artist is remarkably inquisitive. She operates in an open and broad arts field and walks unpaved roads there.

Via a route along violin, percussion and classical piano, she discovered the world of live improvisation in new music with samplers, software and electronics. Eveline is always looking for something new that arises from the meeting of electronic music, compositions on classical instruments and interactive audiovisual installations. She curiously follows contemporary developments and technical innovation, only to use them in a slightly provocative way for a strong social commitment. From all kinds of music and sound, Eveline knows how to make art.

She wants to make her audience aware of the consequences of their actions through sound design and media art. In this way, you hear and see something new and brutal emerge on the spot, as it were; witnessing this makes the experience of her art performances extra special. Take, for example, an electronic composition for flute; the jury does not often encounter such a thing. Her solid and uncompromising work simultaneously invites interaction. Even her portofolio is interactive. She also likes to work with other disciplines. The jury does want her to continue to develop her public awareness and to search constructively for ways to bring her message to the fore in the unruly and complex field of new electronic music in its ultimate form. She herself indicates that she feels more at home in the music scene of Ghent than in Germany. According to the jury, this feeling forms an apt starting point for Eveline's self-willed navigation on the compass of her innovative spirit.