Master of Science in Business and Management

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Are you a recent graduate, do you have little or no work experience, and is your ultimate dream to have a management career at a strategic level? Do you have an international interest and are you looking for a 1-year study Masters programme? Then the Master of Science in Business and Management (MBM) is what you’re looking for!

About the programme

You’ll follow the Master of Science in Business and Management programme at 2 different universities in 2 countries: Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Venlo, the Netherlands and Universit of Plymouthy in Plymouth, United Kingdom. In addition, you’ll gain extra international experience by writing your master’s thesis at a company and a country of your choice.

Reasons why

  • As an MBM graduate, you have the skills to work any leading company around the globe
  • The Master of Science in Business and Management degree is accredited by the Quality Government Assurance Agency in the United Kingdom
  • The programme has a broad scope, but you can also choose to specialise in e.g. Finance or Marketing
  • The programme offers a diverse student population


What you will learn

The aim of the programme is to train you to become an international manager at a strategic level. You will achieve your goal by learning and especially applying terminology, techniques, and skills you need as a successful manager.

  • Benefit from essential knowledge of business and management
  • Learn all about leadership and managing people
  • Explore different research methods
  • Learn and grow in an international setting (in the Netherlands and UK) with a diverse student population
  • Discover different approaches: hands-on applied science in the Netherlands and scientific research in the United Kingdom

Patrick Szillat, Study programme manager MBM

Study programme manager Patrick Szillat answers some of the most important and frequent questions that potential students might have.


Study at Fontys

  • You’ll have classes 3 days a week. The other 2 days are dedicated to research and self-study.
  • For 10 weeks you’ll have classes for 15 hours a week (from mid-September to December).
  • You’ll follow the course at 3 locations: in the Netherlands, in the UK, and at a company of your choice for your master’s thesis.

We would like to meet you during an (online) information session or contact us. If you agree with this, please let me know.



The MBM is divided into 3 terms: term 1 is offered in Venlo (Netherlands), term 2 in Plymouth (UK), and term 3 is dedicated to your master’s thesis and can be completed anywhere.

During the first semester, you’ll attend lectures and tutorials for core modules that provide you with foundational knowledge in business and management. The core modules that you’ll follow are Leadership and Management Essentials, Marketing and Strategy, and International Business Context and Finance.

The second semester starts with an intensive introduction to your master’s thesis and associated research method training. In addition, you’ll follow the core module Operations and Project Management andchoose an elective module*.

Elective Modules*:

  • Data Analytics and Finance
  • International Finance
  • Social Media Theory and Practice
  • International Business Strategy for Competitive Advantage
  • International Procurement Management

During the third semester, you’ll work independently on your dissertation (master'’ thesis). You’ll receive guidance from a member of the scientific team that will be appointed as your supervisor.

For more details about the modules, please visit the website of the University of Plymouth.


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