What is 'Makersplayce'?

Fontys Applied Sciences, School of Engineering is one of the founding fathers of the Make Impact Consortium, initiated by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and therefore one of the hubs of Europe. The Student Participation Council proposed a creative, technical workshop to work in after school hours. This idea was developed into the name Makersplayce, one of the Makerspaces of Engineering, by students of Fontys University of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering.

What does Makersplayce do?

Makersplayce is a playground, run by and made for students, where all STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) elements melt together. Students of Engineering have the opportunity to develop creative ideas by using a big variety of machines, knowledge and tools. There are also plenty of chances to connect between businesses and students at Makersplayce. In a world where creativity and technology are essential, it’s important that students get stimulated. At Makersplayce, they are challenged to step outside the box. Think brighter!

How does it work for students?

As an Engineering student, subscribing as a Makersplayce member is free of charge. The use of machines is free, the material you use will be available for a low price.

For now Makersplayce is only for Engineering students. We are looking for possibilities in the future.

How does it work for companies?

Does your company want to work with Makersplayce? Please send us an e-mail, and we can discuss the options with you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

member of the Make Impact Consortium

Member of the Make Impact Consortium

Take a look at Makersplayce!

We give you a tour of makersplayce: which machines we have, how the machines work and all the possibilities we provide.

Or guide yourself through Makersplayce with the 360 tour.

Click on the picture for the 360 tour.

The machines at Makersplayce

At the Makersplayce workspace, you can find various tools that you can work with as a student..

FDM printers

FDM-printing is a technique most often used for 3D printing. It uses molten plastic through a nozzle moving over 3 axes to create any creation. This is also referred to as Additive Manufacturing. At Makersplayce we have 6 FDM-Printers and use different colors filament. We mostly use PLA, but one Printer is always loaded with PETG. PLA is a very simple plastic which is easy and reliable to print. Sadly, it is not hydrophobic, meaning it is not water resistant. PETG is hydrophobic, and is still safe for food or medical use, it does come with the downside of being more difficult to print.

Vacuum forming machine

The vacuum former is a Formech Compac Mini. It is a durable vacuum former which allows students to practice their skills and try new options. The machine uses the melting property of thermoplastics (Meltable plastics) like ABS, PET, PMMA, HIPS and many more.


The PocketNC is a five axis CNC milling machine that can mill in blocks from approximately 110x120x90mm. The great use for the PocketNC is manufacturing parts that need to be stronger and more durable than 3D-prints. After manufacturing, you are left with one single object that is a solid material! The PocketNC can manufacture in soft metals, plastics, and wood.

Power tools

In case you are in need of more power or speed with your development, we also provide a range of power tools and its dedicated equipment. A few things to think about are a impact diver, 2 cordless drill, one oscillating multi tool and a dremel

Laser machines

For metal cutting we have the Bodor i7 capable of cutting and engraving in Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel. We also have the Rayjet R500, which is able to cut through plastics, leather and woods. From making your own table to designing a nice fireplace. These machines add another level of creativity.

Toolboxes/ cart

With the range of tools, any job can be done. All the necessities are there for you to grab and use. We have four general toolboxes, two specialized toolboxes and one tool-cart in the machining room. Within Makersplayce anyone can use these for their projects. Whether it is taking apart a small engine, or putting together your first contraption.

Electronics Workspace

Whether soldering LED-strips or creating your own circuit boards, the electronics corner has all the machines you could need. We have: Complete Soldering Station | Power Supply | Function Generator | Oscilloscope | Logic Analyzers | Multimeters

Sewing machines

Every nice product needs a good finish. By using the sewing machine you ensure that the products become user-friendly. Sewing is a useful skill for both product development as for maintenance of you own stuff.

The team of Makersplayce:

These are the faces behind Makersplayce. They make sure that everything behind the scenes is well organised, in order for you to get to work in the technical area.

Teamlead & webdesigner: Thomas

Thomas designes the website, and leads the booking system for the machines.

Finance department: Florian

Florian manages the finance department.

Activities department: Jort

Jort is in charge of challenges, activities and workshops.

Machines department: Nick

Nick makes sure all the machines work.

Communication department: Sandra

Sandra is responsible for the communication of Makersplayce

Communication department: Demi

Demi is responsible for the communication of Makersplayce

Projects department: Jean

Jean is a real 'maker' and is busy working on projects within Makersplayce

Creations department: Ruben

Ruben is the creative mind of Makersplayce and creates cool things such as 360° video tours.