China and the World Economy

20 weeks
12 -18 hours per week
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Do you want to know more about the biggest economic story since the industrial revolution?

The 21st century global business environment is full of opportunities and challenges – probably the most important of these is that the Chinese economy is now #2 in the world and expected to surpass America in the coming decade or two. The central goal of this Minor is to offer students a theoretical and practical toolbox about contemporary China that will enable you to understand how China achieved this extraordinary economic success and the consequences for the rest of the world.

By enrolling on the Minor, you can explore the political, economic and historical context of the rise of China with a selection of expert staff located in the International Business Department, Eindhoven. Every student is involved in practically orientated projects which are based on carefully selected corporate case studies from China. In addition, the involvement of our partner university in Shanghai will offer students some unique opportunities for tapping into business and academic networks in China itself.

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All in all – this Minor combines all the exciting aspects of an international study with tangible benefits for students with ambitions for expanding their knowledge of the contemporary world and preparing themselves for the future trends and challenges within the global business environment.

There will be 3x5 credit modules concerning the economic, political and historical context that will form a background understanding of contemporary China which can then be applied to the current global business environment by students. Included here is a unique course about the Beijing Consensus – the specific set of Chinese economic policies pursued since China ‘opened up’ its economy at the end of the 1970s.

The project will be in two parts (totalling 10 credits) and will focus on up-to-date Chinese corporate case studies. It will be developed and implemented with the direct assistance of the Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT). This will offer students hands-on expertise concerning Chinese business practices and opportunities.

A China ‘log’ or diary based on your experiences of the Minor (which might include a study excursion to Shanghai) will make up the final 5 credits of this study.

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Minor Regulations - 2018-2019

1. Name minor: China and the World Economy

2. English name: China and the World Economy

3. Content of minor:

This Minor offers a political and economic analysis of contemporary China with a particular focus on the extraordinary ‘growth story’ of China in recent decades. In addition, the Minor includes a practical research component in which students will work on actual business cases in China with a view to offering hands-on skills for doing business in China.

The theoretical part of the Minor consists of modules about the historical, political and economic context of contemporary China. The practical part involves a supervised research project about the Chinese business environment.

On completing this Minor, students will achieve Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs) related to competencies such as International Business Skills; Intercultural Proficiency; Finance and Economics; Practical Business Research Methods. The learning goals of the Minor relate primarily to a deeper understanding of the world economy with a focus on China as well as practical skills for students wishing to do business with and/or in China.

4. Education components: (see article 16 general section of the OER)

The Minor is structured across a semester and involves the teaching of five courses for a total of 30 credits.

5. Enrolment in the education components: n/a

6. Overview of tests and registration for tests (see articles 18 and 22 general section of the OER)

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7. Passing the minor: (see article 19 (3) general section of the OER)

Completion of all the components in the Minor will lead to passing the course with 30 ECTs.

8. Examination Board: (see article 38 general section of the OER)

FHMM Exam Board:

9. Validity:

This information is valid for the academic year 2019-2020.

10. Entry requirements minor

China and the World Economy is open to all Fontys students who have passed their foundation year and are expected to have some background, and interest in, economic related subjects.

11. Not accessible for: n/a

No other requirements are to be met for participation in the minor or passing the minor than mentioned in these minor regulations.

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The closing date is no later than 1 July.

Contact information

Minor Coordinators: Anthony Murphy & You Wang

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