September, February
20 weeks
Contact hours
20 - 25 per week
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EmbraceTEC is an international HBO minor that teaches you the basic skills of technology, entrepreneurship and creativity and how to apply them to your own major.

During the 20-week program you will be working on challenges and learn how to solve problems. These can be global problems or something that’s near and dear to you.

Talent & fascination

During the minor you’ll have the freedom to learn what you want to learn. We want you to start this journey with your own fascinations. Combine these with your talents and soon enough you’ll notice that the (intrinsic) motivation makes learning more fun while you are reaching your maximum potential.

Self development

Under guidance of one of our coaches you learn how to use your talents and continuously keep improving yourself. We believe that the process is more important than the outcome. You will be working on a portfolio that keeps track of your process. During the minor we will assess your personal growth and progress based on your portfolio. Because of that EmbraceTEC has 0 exams!!!

We hope to see you soon!

    • Recognizing technologies (3 weeks): You will visit innovative companies, listen to external speakers and tinker with basic technologies yourself to learn about the endless possibilities technology can offer.
    • Blue banana (2 weeks): The Blue Banana weeks are about stimulating your creativity by stepping out of your comfort zone and finding out who you really are.
    • Meaningful challenge (3 weeks): You will be working on a meaningful solution to a local problem or challenge while getting familiar with the process of design-based working.
    • Offline week (1 week): In the offline week you get the opportunity to reflect on everything that happened in the first weeks and give yourselve a reboot to start the future solution re-energized.
    • Future solution realisation (11 weeks): In the Future Solution you will design a solution for a global challenge of your choice. Following the steps of the design process you will develop a product that creates impact on the target group. After first pitching your idea, you’ll receive valuable feedback from a jury of external experts. Your team creates their own deliverables: design strategy, what is a realistic end product, and is it ‘community ready’? Main goal is to come up with a blueprint, a prototype that will be a solution to a global challenge.
Monday09.00 - 13.00
Tuesday09.00 - 16.00
Wednesday09.00 - 16.00
Thursday09.00 - 13.00

The application for the next minor that starts in september 2019 is open since the beginning of february. Fontys students can apply via Progress and non-Fontys students can apply via Kiesopmaat.

Here you can download the minor regulation for the academic year 2018-2019. The purpose of the minor regulation is to inform you about the subjects within the minor, how the testing is set up and when you have concluded the minor. Students can derive rights out of the text of the minor regulation.

Address: Lismortel 25
Contact: Niels Roelofs
E-mail: embracetec@fontys.nl
Route: Google Maps